Itunes+Ipod Setup...

The process listed below is to download the Living Waters Asssembly of God Podcast
which is Free to everyone.

1. First open Itunes on your computer.

2. After opening Itunes click on the section
    labeled Itunes Store, shown to the left.

3. Go to the Search Itunes Store section, which can be found in the top right
    corner of the window. Type in Living Waters Assembly of God which is shown
    here and press enter.

4. The next step is to click the podcast shown here.

5. Once you have done that you want to click the subscribe button circled
    in the picture to the left.

6. A window like the one to left will pop up and you want to click subscribe.

7. Next click on Podcasts, which is shown in the picture to the left. From here
    you will see Living Waters Assembly of God podcast. You can download sermons
    here and place them onto your Ipod or listen to them on your computer
    through Itunes. New sermons coming up will automatically download when you
    start up your Itunes. New sermons are posted after every Sunday morning
    service in the afternoon.

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